Should you buy Weaves

Why Should You Buy Weaves; What are the different benefits of weaves?

Gone are the days when weaves only be found on the cover pages of mainstream fashion magazines. Every woman is a diva in herself. So are you! Weaves are commonly used to experience a diversity of hairstyles. They are the go-to solution to a lot of hair problems.

Wait. What? You don’t know what a weave is. 

Well! It seems like you have passed most of your life unaware that you look so pretty in different kinds of hairstyles. Don’t tell me that your long-lost friend said you only seem pretty with your conventional hairstyle, and you don’t need to change it. Trust me; I ran to the affordable salon near me when I first learned that all the actresses with pretty hair are actually just using weaves. Let me convince you that hair weaves are an important part of your makeover that you are missing.

What is a weave?

This is a conventional question that is mostly asked, and let me tell you that you already know its answer. You just need assurance that it is what you think it is. Yes! You are right.

The weave are both synthetic and natural hair weaves that are attached to your existing hair. There could be many purposes of doing so. Most women use weaves to add volume or length to their hair. Some others use weaves to experience hair makeovers that they cannot do with their actual hair. Weaves stay longer as they are not temporarily attached with clips like hair extensions. They are sewn with the existing hair.

We will not dive into this topic, as our main concern is with hair weaves’ benefits. Here I will give a brief introduction to different types of weaves.

  • A type of weave which is sewed by needles and threads is called a sew-in weave. You can get different types of sew-in weaves; curly sew-in weaves and straight sew-in weaves, and braided sew-in weaves. 
  • Another type of weave is a tape-in weave, which is attached with the help of glue or tape. Heated tools are used for their application to make it last a little more than temporary.
  • The third type is clip-in weaves. They are the most preferred and maintenance-friendly weaves.

Benefits of Weaves! Why Should You Use Them?

Benefits of weaves

I will not allow you to ghost out from here without admitting the greatness of hair weaves. If you don’t use hair weaves, you really don’t know what you are missing. I am repeating that so that you should know this is stressed.

  • Do you crave low-maintenance hairstyles?

The most challenging part of getting ready is to make the right hairstyle. Your hair takes a lot of your time. What would you feel like if you are a princess going for the coronation, and your crown falls? Your hair is your crown; you have to give them proper attention. But the dilemma is that most of us don’t find time to do so. The only solution to this problem is hair weaves.

They are the go-to solution to your hair-dressing problems. You can just put them on, and Taada! You are ready to go. What else would a woman want?

Curly sew-in weave needs maintenance.

Curly sew-in weaves are thought to be high-maintenance. They should be braided while sleeping. This is the only maintenance that they need, so you can imagine how low-maintenance the other weaves would be!

  • Weaves never bore you!

I have seen many women who get a haircut and cry for the next eight months missing their long hairs. In the case of a haircut, they can do nothing to change it but wait for their hair to grow longer. The main psyche behind this is boredom. Women want diversity in their makeovers, so they want a temporary one that can be switched easily.  

Weaves last no more than a couple of weeks. If you are opting for clip-in weaves, they can be removed easily without any hassle. Weaves are considered to be a low-commitment option.

An ultimate solution to your lousy haircut

Boredom from a haircut is something else, and getting a bad haircut that doesn’t suit you is something else. You need to prevent yourself from both of these unpleasant situations. The solution to both these problems is hair weaves.  

With weaves, you can enjoy your favorite hair makeover without even changing your actual hairstyle. So if you don’t like it, you can change it anytime. There is no compulsion to bear with that unpleasant hairdressing that you don’t like.

  • Weaves will let you experiment the diversity of hairstyles. 

I always want a new hairstyle every other day and quickly get them from an affordable salon near me. I think all women want to experience this diversity. We cannot afford a hair makeover every other day. Hair weaves are our ultimate solution to this problem. We can try every hairstyle without changing our hair permanently.

Isn’t it amazing? You can try almost every hairstyle in your short life. Tell this to a medieval woman, and she won’t believe it. You are lucky that you are a modern age woman with so many useful options around you. What are you waiting for? Run to your nearest salon and get these weaves for yourself. 

Clip-in Weave

Frequently asked questions

The main concern of this discussion was the benefits of weaves. Here I am adding some of the frequently asked questions about weaves that might arise in your mind.

How long do weaves last?

Weaves are a temporary hairdressing option. They can last up to two to four weeks. The recommended maximum length is two months.

Can weaves cause damage to your hair?

Weaves may or may not be a cause of damaging your hair. It is thought that as they are sewed/glued tightly with your hair, they can be tough on your hair.

How often should a weave be washed?

Weaves get stinky and dirty easily—the need to be washed as our natural hair does. You should wash them twice a week. Special shampoos are made for this purpose.

Final Words:

Now that you know all about these weaves and their meticulous benefits. So, when are you visiting your nearest salon for an appointment. What kind of weaves will you go for? My first experience was with curly sew-in weaves made of Remy hair. And ever since my thirst for these has been increasing exponentially. I mean why wouldn’t it? 

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