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A Beginner’s Guide on Taking Care of Hair Extensions and Weaves

After our previous article that reveals the secrets to beautiful-looking hair without cursing your genes (read here), the following guide on how to take care of hair extensions and weaves by Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon is going to be your next best friend.

Taking care of hair extensions and weaves is crucial to elongate their life and maintain their texture. The healthier they are, the more natural your hair will look and feel. Although the basic hair care is the same for all kinds of hair – natural or fake – keep in mind that their ways are going to be different. One cannot follow the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach here. In this article, we are going to discuss the ideal hair care routine for Clip-in and Sewn-in Hair Extensions, and Hair Weaves too.

Just a heads up – taking care of non-natural hair is going to be tedious. But don’t worry, you can do it. We are rooting for you!

How to Take Care of Clip-In Hair Extensions- Expert Advice by Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon

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1.       Do not Sleep on them

The number 1 tip had to be a no-brainer, of course. Sleeping in clip-in hair extensions is quite dangerous as the tiny combs in them can dig into your scalp and harm them. Therefore, even on the days that you’re exhausted to even change your clothes, just do yourself a favor and remove the extensions before you hit the bed. (Just kidding. Change your clothes and remove the make-up too!)

Just as we do at Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon, the best practice to remove your clip-in extensions is to start from the uppermost layer first and then proceed to the middle and bottom extensions.

2.       Keep the Washing to Once a Month Only

A good rule of thumb to observe with clip-in extensions is to wash them once a month only.

Pro-tip: Use a wig-shampoo for synthetic hair extensions, whereas a regular mild shampoo and conditioner shall do for the ones made with real hair.

Start by soaking your extensions into a tub or a sink filled with lukewarm water. Use a small amount of shampoo and gently lather it up into the hair. Massage well before rinsing it out. Follow-up with a conditioner before going on to the next step.

3.       Let the Extensions Air-Dry

Clip your extensions into a pant hanger and let them air dry in a well-ventilated room. Make sure to never comb them while wet, it can cause serious frizzing of the fibers. The same applies to styling – let the extensions dry completely before modifying them into hairstyles.

4.       Use a Wide-Toothed Comb

Once your hair extensions are dry as air, you may comb them. But (what? Another rule?), make sure you use a wide-toothed comb. Wide-toothed combs are gentler than densely packed ones, therefore it is important to use one to limit frizzing of extensions.

Begin by combing the ends, then gently move your way up. Do not start combing all the way from the top to the bottom.

Avoid using the comb that you use for your natural hair, especially if your extensions are made of synthetic hair. Since your natural hair contains oil, it can degrade the synthetic fibers.

5.       Moisturization is Key

Wait, what? Is this a skincare blog?

Shocked much? I hope not. Moisturization is the key to healthy hair – both natural and unnatural. Conditioners are great for keeping your hair moisturized and healthy.

After your hair is dry, apply a tiny squirt of the leave-in conditioner and comb them into the extensions. Skip this step if your extensions are synthetic, in which case a wash-off conditioner shall do the job.

6.       Avoid Heated Styling

Don’t feel constricted because of the title! You can still absolutely style your clip-in extensions, but just with little extra care and concern.

It is best to stick to non-heat hairstyles as long as you have extensions. However, if you still wish to use heated tools to give that little oomph to your hair, make sure to use heat protectant spray first on real hair extensions. However, if your extensions are made of synthetic fibers, using heat is a big no-no because it will melt them.

Just a reminder: make sure your hair is dry before styling them – with or without heat.

7.       Do Not Wear Them in a Ponytail

Extensions can loosen up and fall apart if packed in a ponytail. Some extensions are safe to make a ponytail with, but make sure that the package labeling or your hairdresser can confirm that. Otherwise, it is wise to avoid ponytails to avoid any possible damage.

Bonus Tip: Use a Fabric Softener to De-Frizz Hair Extensions

Mix fabric softener and water in a 2:1 ratio and store it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your clip-on extensions and use the combing methods discussed earlier and enjoy smooth sailing through your luscious lengths.

What Touched By An Angel Beauty Salon Guides on Taking Care of Sewn-In Hair Extensions

Sewn-in hair is your temporary natural hair for the time being. Taking care of them is vital if you want them to retain their longevity, shine, and strength. Here are some hair care tips for beauties with closure sew-in extensions:

1.       Detangle? Detangle.

Sewn-in hair extensions require some extra effort as compared to clip-in extensions. When you have closure sew-in extensions, avoiding getting too many tangles is going to be a lifesaver. Detangle your hair especially before a bath and before going to bed. Use a wide-toothed comb or a looper brush which is specially designed for extensions. Make sure to never tug on your hair and always comb from the ends first.

However, if your extensions are freshly attached, it is best to wait a few days before combing them at all. And if you must, do it in the gentlest way.

2.       Wash Once or Twice a Week

Follow your wash schedule as per your natural hair. Use a mild shampoo to wash sewn-in extensions only once or twice per week in order to avoid over washing. Gently massage shampoo from scalp to ends. Avoid going over the area where the extensions are sewn to roots.

Pro tip: Always run cold water over your hair before leaving the shower. Doing this will tighten the bonds nicely and close your pores too.

3.       Condition the Right Way

Never touch your roots when conditioning, nor the area where the extensions are sewn with the real hair. The conditioner contains oils that may cause the loosening of your hair, therefore keeping them only to the ends is your best bet.

4.       Dry the Right Way Too!

Always, always dry your sewn-in extensions up to the roots. You must be patient throughout the process, therefore make sure that you schedule your timings accordingly to avoid rushing. Sewn-in extensions give you double the volume of your real hair, so naturally, it is going to take longer to dry too.

If you’re using a hairdryer, make sure to spray a heat protectant spray first. Keep the temperature lower to avoid harsh heat on the extensions. This will maintain the health of both your real and fake hair for longer periods. A cooler temperature, just like cold water, will once again help strengthen the bonds.

5.       Avoid Heat Styling and Ponytails

Just like clip-in extensions, it’s always better to avoid using heat to style or curl your hair. Not to say that you can’t, but do it only occasionally. Especially when the extensions are new, avoid tying them back or doing any styling whatsoever.

6.       Your Hair’s Own Blanket

Okay sorry, I was trying to be cute with the title. What I mean to say is that: cover your hair before sleeping. Wrap them up in a net cap or a silk scarf before you rest your head. This is the best way to keep your hair frizz-free and avoid them from tangling.

Letting your hair loose while asleep will cause unnecessary tugging throughout the night which loosens up the extensions. Even if you do not wear a covering to bed, make sure to at least braid or tie your hair before sleeping.

How to Care for Hair Weaves

Weaves are denser therefore they’re going to be a bit more work than hair extensions. However, the following guide will prepare you well for the best weave experience!

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1.       The Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon Wash Guide

Okay, buckle up. I have some good news and a bad one. The good news is that weaves aren’t very wash-demanding. You may wash them once a week or even once in two weeks based on your activity levels. That is, if you work out, wash them in 7 days. If you’re lazy like me, have fun for up to 14 days.

Use a small amount of shampoo and massage it well into your roots. Make up a good lather to ensure a deep clean. Always water your hair from straight above your head; do not bend down because it can cause tangling.

However, if your weaves are braided, use a spray bottle to wash in between the braids. Mix water and shampoo and squirt the mixture on areas between your braids. Use your fingers to lather up and massage. Wash and repeat twice.

Pro tip: Use a hooded dryer for quick and complete drying of the weaves.

2.       Use an Anti-Bacterial Spray

Tight-styled weaves such as braids or locks tend to create molds and bacteria sooner. Be sure to spray your hair with antibacterial weave spray after shampoo and before going out every day to prevent sweat accumulation and moldy smell.

3.       Hair Drying for Hair Thriving!

It is necessary to dry the weaves completely every time they get wet. Best to let them air dry, but if you’re short on time, make sure to use the lowest setting of the hairdryer. Heat can loosen the bonds, therefore avoid it whenever you can so that your hair can thrive naturally.

4.       Smoothen and Moisturize

Keep your beautiful weave moisturized and healthy-looking by applying leave-in conditioners. Massage the tiniest amount of these conditioners every day on your scalp for healthy-looking and tangle-free hair. Conditioning also helps freshen up your hair on days you can’t shampoo.

To keep your hair even smoother and frizz-free, use alcohol pomades on your weaves. Take a small amount of pomade in your palms and rub it on the ends of your hair to tame the frizz.

Remember, do not overdo any of the steps. There’s only a thin line between shiny and greasy-looking hair.

5.       To Comb Wet or Dry?

Unlike extensions, weaves are better when combed wet. It makes the process of taming the tangles easier and shorter. The fresh conditioning after a shower helps the comb glide through your hair almost like butter. Okay, I might have exaggerated, but start from the bottom and move your way up to the scalp to ensure similar results. Make sure to use a wide-toothed comb.

6.       Protect ‘em Precious Weaves With Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon

As important as caring is, protection is the key to ensure longer-lasting weaves. Some general rules to follow for the protection of weaves as guided by Touched By An Angel Beauty Salon are:

·         Do not itch your scalp. You might feel like it, especially because you’re not washing your hair sooner than you might like. But avoid itching at all costs because a small itch may get messier and cause scabs on the scalp. Use a soothing oil instead.

·         Avoid harsh heat.

·         Wear a silk scarf or net cap while sleeping. This will keep your hair frizz and tangle-free.

·         Keep your weaves braided or tied for better taming.

·       Lastly, breaks are important. Not just with weaves, but any hairstyle for that matter. Let your hair breathe and take a break before moving on to the next style.

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