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Why is Touched By An Angel Beauty Salon, the best affordable salon in Georgia?

Women know how to do makeup, but most of them get confused when it comes to their hairstyle. It is very difficult for them to decide how they should style their hair? I have seen a lot of women wearing perfect dresses and having perfect makeup, but their hair just does not complement their complete outfit. This is because most of them don’t pay attention to their hair. And at the same time, I have seen a lot of women who look pretty with ordinary outfits and slight makeup, just because of their appropriate hairdressing. You cannot neglect your hairstyle. Here at Touched by an angel beauty salon, guidance you get will change your lifestyle.

General reasons of negligence

There may be several reasons for this negligence. Some women think hair treatments will damage their hair. Others are of the view that they are costly, and those available at a cheap price are not good for their hair. Women who don’t find time to visit salons and regret it when they have to attend events or parties.

I won’t say that all these women are just making excuses. All these reasons are quite genuine, and we cannot ignore them. We need to give them satisfying solutions to their problems so that they can get their hair done with no worries. For this purpose, we need to look for an affordable salon that provides high-quality services to women.

Find Affordable salon Near You

Are you tired of looking for addresses of affordable salons near you? Different salons have their own specifications. Some are famous for their weaves, some for their hair colors, and some others for their cutting. Among all these, there is a salon that is pretty good in every aspect, along with professionalism in weaves. It is no other than TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL BEAUTY SALON, Stockbridge in Union City GA.

Why Choose Touched By An Angel Beauty Salon?

To give you a brief introduction to Touched by an angel beauty salon. Let me tell you that the owner of this salon, Laporsha Grier, The Originators Of The $50 Sew-In, has always dreamt of opening her hair studio. Her dream turned into reality in the form of this salon. It mainly deals with weaves, to help other women in their luxurious journey of personality grooming. She makes sure that every woman gets services according to her requirements.

Touched By An Angel Beauty Salon’s Staff Specialty

We never leave our customers unattended. You can go through our yelp reviews and you will hardly find a few customers that weren’t satisfied with our services. We make sure that our services don’t damage your hair. Our trained staff will tell you about all the consequences, positive and negative, of the treatment that you are going to opt for.

All of our hair treatments are available at quite an affordable price. If you are one who avoids hair treatment just because of its expensive prices; our affordable salon will be an ideal choice for you. We provide high-quality services at a reasonable price, so a lot of women can easily afford them. 

We Specialize in Weaves

As we specialize in their weaves, our professionals make sure that our clients get perfect weaves. They create authentic-looking weaves with great care, and then after sewing/ gluing/ clipping these weaves; they condition your hair. This conditioning gives your hair a shiny look and decreases the chances of its wearing out. I don’t think now there would be any doubt why we claim,

Touched by An Angel Beauty Salon is the best affordable salon in Georgia.”

Our services

Welcome To Touched by An Angel 24 Hr Hotline

Get A Free Sew-In with Purchase Of A Lace Frontal.

Our main services are:

  • 3 Pack Hair Special $150 + Sew-In Included
  • Lace Frontal Wig Special + Free Sew-In
  • $10 shampoo roller sets
  • $25 relaxers
  • $75 Silk Press (natural hair)
  • Natural/curly hair may be additional

We also provide a lot of hair treatments and hairdressing services. You might get an idea about the diversity of treatments that we offer.

  • We provide relaxer services. This helps you straighten your curls to provide your hair with a straight and sleek look.
  • We render hair coloring services. They offer a lot of coloring options. You can choose them according to your style and complexion.
  • We give conditioning services, in which our staff will condition your hair to give them a refreshing look.
  • If you are a low-commitment person, we offer hair extensions for you. You can choose among different options according to your choice.
  • We also provide the services of the ceramic press. You may or may not be aware of this new technique of hair straightening. This facility is provided only in some salons, and TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL is one of them.
  • No need to say, we provide weave installment service. Our never-ending choices of weave installments provide women with a lot of options.
  • You can get a sew-in weave hairstyle. Touched by an angel have all the categories of sew-in weaves; straight sew-in weaves, curly sew-in weaves, and braided sew-in weaves. We also provide the services of front lace sew-in.
  • Other types of weave services featured by our salon include; open weave (in this type of weave installment some of your natural hair is visible through the weave), closure weave (in this type of weave installment none of your natural hair is visible through the weave).
  • And the list of the services featured by Touched by an angel doesn’t end here.

All these services are provided in the best conditions, and the customers are satisfied.

Working hours of Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon in Georgia

Another reason I have chosen this salon is its availability hours. Many other good salons are available only three to four days per week. Touched by an angel beauty salon is one of those few salons that are open 7 days a week. The timings of this salon are,

  • Monday 9:00 AM- 7:30 PM
  • Tuesday 9:00 AM- 7:30 PM
  • Wednesday 9:00 AM- 7:30 PM
  • Thursday 9:00 AM- 7:30 PM
  • Friday 9:00 AM- 7:30 PM
  • Saturday 9:00 AM- 7:30 PM
  • Sunday 12:00 PM- 6:30 PM

There is an option for you to book advance appointments, but if somehow you are busy and you cannot book your appointment. No worries. You can just go to the salon and you will immediately get your hair treatment with no hassle. What else would a busy woman want?

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