Arda wigs

Tips for Choosing and Caring Arda Wigs

Choosing a wig can be very easy if you are clear about what you want. However, at Touched by an Angel Salon we find many clients who do not know well how to choose a wig that suits them well and can meet their needs. Whether it’s due to insecurities or the overwhelming variety of textures, types, and colors, selecting a wig can become a tricky path. For this reason, we want to dedicate this article to explain how to choose a wig, make the right choice and how to care for your favorite wig. We recommend and have an inventory of Arda wigs for our valuable clients.

Why buy Arda wigs

There are many reasons why people decide to buy Arda wig, but in each and every one of the reasons there is a point in common: aesthetics. Whoever buys an Arda wig does so out of the desire or even the need to look good and feel better, which is why it is so important to choose a wig that fits perfectly with the person’s personality.

In the case of people looking for a wig after having lost their hair due to illness, the reason for acquiring it is even more important than aesthetics. Since finding an oncological wig with which to feel comfortable and safe will be essential to raise self-esteem. Arda wigs have a variety according to your needs and look.

How to choose a wig? Natural hair Arda Wig

The first choice will be the most relevant: natural hair Arda wigs or synthetic wigs. Do not rush and think well about what you need. You will fall in love with the naturalness in the texture and tone of Arda wigs. However, it will be difficult to resist the lightness and softness of the Arda wig. It will be difficult to decide, but if you come to Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon, Union City, we can help you. We will also advise you on the color or the cut, all with the intention of finding your ideal Arda wig. You can also contact us without obligation.

Take your time

The first piece of advice we want to give you is don’t be in a rush to choose your Arda wig. The wig will become another part of you, hence you must value even the smallest detail. In turn, it will be essential that you feel in a safe and trusting environment.

Project your personality

You can look for a natural hair Arda wig that suits your own style or, on the contrary, chooses to amaze with a bolder look. Whatever your resolution, the important thing is that the Arda wig adapts to you always reflects your personality.

Choose comfort and naturalness

Arda Wigs
Arda Wigs

There is a huge plurality of Arda wigs, so deciding on just one can be quite difficult. Don’t be in a hurry and try on each and every one of the Arda wigs you need to find the right one. Our last piece of advice is that you do not stop until you find the one that makes you feel comfortable or relaxed and you can wear it more naturally.

What is a synthetic fiber or microfiber Arda wig like?

This type of Arda wigs are made with artificial hair, very similar to natural hair, more and more, even in touch, they are wonderful. These wigs are very practical since you can wash them at home, with their special products for this (shampoo, conditioner). Once dry, they take their natural form, without the need to comb them after washing or give them any special shape.

How do you wash Arda wig?

It is very easy, as we have already said, washing Arda wigs can be done at home, and I always advise doing it at night, since this way, you have all those hours. While you sleep, the wig dries, and when you get up, you have it ready to put it on.

Before starting with the care, I would like to point out that commercial hair products should never be used since some of their components can permanently damage the fiber. We at Touched by an Angel Salon will always advise washing Arda wigs with products specifically prepared for them.

5 Steps to Wash your Arda wig

  • Very important, before washing Arda wig, brush it gently. So that the hair become loose and free of dust. Never do it when it is wet, it is not recommended, as it can break the fiber of Arda wig.
  • In a container, pour 1 liter of warm water, immerse the synthetic wig. Then add a quantity of a specific shampoo, similar to the size of a hazelnut to Arda wig. Gently shake the wig out of the container. This type of shampoo is self-cleaning, so it will not generate foam (do not insist on adding more if you do not see it, ok?). After about 10 minutes, rinse the wig thoroughly with warm water. DO NOT rub DO NOT twist.
  • For a healthy glow, refill the container with clean warm water (1 liter), and apply a small dollop of balm. Leave the wig on for another 10 minutes. Rinse the Arda wig again with clean water, in the clean water bowl.
  • Towel dry the wig without twisting or rubbing, press gently to absorb excess water, no more.
  • Place the Arda wig on a holder for it, and let it dry naturally.

IMPORTANT: never apply heat with dryers or hair irons, as the fibers could burn. Don’t worry about its hairstyle. One of the advantages of fiber wigs is that once dry, they regain their style without having to do anything.

And remember that you can consult your doubts at touched by an angel Beauty School or leave your suggestions, by writing to us through the contact form on the web or by leaving us a comment.