Fake Hair Don’t Care!

A Hairdresser’s Guide to Quick Weaves and Hair Extensions Do you often find yourself obsessing over the presumably flawless supermodels on Instagram? Do their perfect hair, outfits, and popping features make you wonder how they’re so breathtakingly beautiful? Well, to be honest, we’ve all been there!  The fashion icons in all their glamour on social …

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Should you buy Weaves

Why Should You Buy Weaves; What are the different benefits of weaves?

Well! It seems like you have passed most of your life unaware that you look so pretty in different kinds of hairstyles. Don’t tell me that your long-lost friend said you only seem pretty with your conventional hairstyle, and you don’t need to change it. Trust me; I ran to the affordable salon near me when I first learned that all the actresses with pretty hair are actually just using weaves. Let me convince you that hair weaves are an important part of your makeover that you are missing.

meticulous guide for your first sew-in

A meticulous guide for your first sew-in

It took me almost a year to finally gather the courage to get these hair extensions for me. Well, if you are in the same boat, then do not worry because I would not let you wait for a full year before you go and get these extensions. This article has it all; you won’t be needing any more research.

A Sew in Weave

An extensive guide on weaves

What is a weave? Should you get them or not? Do they even look natural? What are their types? How much do they cost? Are they even worth it? Relax, relax, take a break. I will answer all of these; just give this woman a break.