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Sew-In Weaves, Short Tutorial

All you Need to Know About Sew-in Weaves

If you are even slightly interested in hairstyling or hairdos, you must know about hair extensions and sew-in weaves. While extensions and wigs are fairly common, sew-in weaves are a relatively new trend that the masses are still unfamiliar with.

What are Sew-In Weaves?

A sew-in weave is a hairstyling technique to give the hair more length and volume by braiding its entire hair. It refers to a style where first the braids are made in the natural hair in a cornrow pattern and then extensions are sewed in using a needle.

How Do Sew-in Extensions Work?

sew-in weave

Fundamentally, there are only two methods by which sew-in weaves work out. One of the ways you can install sew-in weaves is by leaving your natural hair out. This method is called a “partial sew-in”. The other method is a “full sew-in” which involves leaving no hair out and sewing them all after braiding.

Partial Sew-Ins Weaves

A partial sew-in allows you to cover the wefts by partially leaving out your natural hair. Before sewing in, the hair is only partially braided which gives a more natural look to your extensions. The catch with partial sew-ins is that you must know how to blend the extensions with your natural hair and get a perfect texture. Additionally, this method works better with longer hair.

Full Sew-Ins Weaves

In contrast, full sew-ins include the complete braiding of hair before sewing in. You’ll find more options with hair length and hair color when it comes to this look because you don’t have to worry about the loose strands of natural hair. Sadly, while full sew-ins are protective in nature, they are high maintenance and less versatile. It also requires closure or frontal to cover the wefts.

Bursting the Myth: Do Sew-Ins Weaves Damage Natural Hair?

A lot of people are usually concerned about the hazards of using the sew-in technique for hairstyling, thinking it may damage the natural hair. In reality, it is rarely the case! Sew-ins can in fact be beneficial for hair growth and serve as a protective mechanism. 

Using the sew-in weave technique can shield your natural hair from several environmental factors and protects you from heat damage. It saves you from the trouble of washing and styling your hair on a daily basis. 

The procedure actually prevents the natural hair from combing, straightening, curling, and other styling tools and hence promotes healthier hair growth. The professionals tuck away the usually brittle and dry ends of your hair in a moisturized space and keep them healthy.

Where Can I Get it and How Much Does it Cost?

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Sew-in weaves are a versatile technique in the market and the prices depend on the method, amount of hair used, hair length, stylist, and your desired style. As an estimate, it would cost you $50 sew-in weave. You can get them from any walk-in salon near you or ask for further details from our 24-hour appointment hotline.

Tips to Maintain Your Sew-In Weave

If you have got your braids tightened and hair maintained properly, your sew-in weave will probably last around eight to twelve weeks. Here are some tips to make sure you get the best out of those beauties:

1) Get good quality hair extensions for your weave. 

You can have your pick from human hair and synthetic hair, the former being obviously a better choice with regard to tolerance and longevity.

2) Clean your sew-in Weaves routinely 

Thoroughly wash your sew-in with shampoo every two weeks and condition it once in a while to keep it shining. This will prevent your weave from tangling. 

Remember to keep your scalp moisturized by oiling now and then.

3) Wrap up Your Weave

Make a habit of wrapping up your weave in a ponytail or bun when sleeping. Use a soft scarf or a silk bonnet to keep your hair from tangling and getting messy.

4) Brush Your Weave

Brush your hair daily by using a detangling brush for the same reasons.

The Pros of Getting a Sew-In Weave

A sew-in weave provides ultimate protection to your natural hair. They protect your hair by allowing them to grow in a clean space with proper air circulation. 

The low maintenance and stability of styling a sew-in weave is definitely a plus. You don’t need to worry about your hair falling off or spend long hours doing them when you already have them styled with a sew-in.

Sew-ins require almost no commitment and hence offer maximum versatility in terms of styling, coloring, and cutting. They are convenient, easy to use, and require much less attention than their alternatives.

At this point, this article must have convinced you about the authenticity and effectiveness of using a sew-in weave for your hairstyles. But if you still have any doubts, try one and see the magic for yourself!