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5 precautions when visiting Lux beauty lounge beauty hair salon interiors

Stockbridge once again gives the green light for the opening of interiors of some businesses, including hairdressing and beauty salons at 25 percent capacity by launching Lux Beauty Lounge.

How safe is it to visit salons like Lux Beauty Lounge in Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon?

According to experts, it all depends on whether businesses rigorously follow the recommendations, although customers can also take the initiative to protect themselves in confined environments.

According to guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to increase safety measures, salons are encouraged to “move, change or adjust workstations to help workers maintain a distance social of at least six feet between them and the clients that are in waiting”. Likewise, workers must wear face masks at all times, that’s what we follow at Lux Beauty Lounge.

What can you do to protect yourself?

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Consider wearing glasses to prevent water from splashing into your eyes while washing your hair.

Make sure the cape they put on is clean, just as they can bring their own towel or cape.

Do not put your purse, purse or phone on the stations. The less you carry with you the better.

Must cover your mouth at all times and do as little talking as possible after you’ve said what kind of service you want.

Do not bring food or drink to a salon.

Change your clothes after leaving the business and remember that the less time you stay indoors, the better.

Touched by Angel Beauty salon is taking all precautions as well in Lux Beauty Lounge.

What should you expect from the salons?

•             To enter the room you must use a non-contact infrared thermometer for temperature testing.

•             Screening questionnaires: Have you had a cough? Have had a fever? Do you live with someone who is sick or in quarantine?

•             Reception area: All magazines, books, etc. must leave the waiting room.

•             Do not visit a salon or hairdresser if you feel bad.


Touched by Angel Salon

Carrying out different styles of cut in both women and men, applying the precise technical resources as well as the analysis and morphological study that is required in the cut, is not easy at all. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a series of essential factors in this environment and techniques that will help you to be a highly qualified professional and perform an efficient job. Get it with the Haircut Courses. Go for it!

This training is aimed at all those who want to acquire basic knowledge about hairdressing, specifically everything related to haircutting and its technical resources, as well as all those who want to expand their professional training in this sector. In addition, you will learn the basic guidelines on communication and customer service, and safety and hygiene measures in cutting processes. Very important!

Time Management at Lux Beauty Lounge

You can stop worrying about lack of time. And the fact is that our training follows a distance modality and all days of the week, which means that we adapt to you and your rhythm of life taking into account your personal and professional situation. So, you can specialize in your profession without fear. At Lux Beauty Lounge by touched by an Angel Beauty Salon in union city, you can join at any time of week after job. You are ready?  Discover the Haircut Courses!

What does it consist of?

The hairdresser is the person whose job is to fix people’s hair. Make ourselves beautiful … Sure, there are many ways to do this: cutting, dyeing, combing …

The first thing that comes to mind when someone tells us that they are studying hairdressing is the image of a hairdresser directing or working in a salon. And yet this is just one of your many career opportunities.

In fact, the professional role of hairdressing is growing more and more. This is due to the multiple specialties that it provides, which can range from the hairstyle stylist to the specialist in hair clinics or the expert in cutting. What can be you with the Haircut Courses?

Hairdresser functions

Know the clients’ needs and analyze their hair and other relevant physical characteristics to define the desired hairstyle. Shampoo, conditioner and rinse the client’s hair with water, liquid soap and other products.

Cut, arrange and shape hair to achieve the desired style, eg using scissors, comb, razors, clippers and razors.

Bleach, dye, perm or straighten hair using different chemicals, and make sure the products are used and stored correctly.

Styling, eg combing, brushing, drying, straightening, curling or waving.

Provide basic treatment to minor hair and scalp problems.

Demonstrating and selling hair care products and advising clients on their use.

Keep a customer record.

•             Perform reception tasks,

e.g., schedule appointments, answer the phone, place orders, and operate the cash register to receive payments.

•             Management

Keep the classroom, workplace, and tools clean and tidy.

•             Stay updated

Stay up to date on new products, styles, and techniques.

•             Train and supervise other hairdressers or helpers.

As a future professional in the sector and a specialist in cutting, after taking any of the Touched by an Angel Beauty School Hair Cutting Courses, you should know in advance the basic hairdresser tools. Take note!

Pair of scissors, Most Important tool

Lux Beauty Lounge

Scissors are for a hairdresser the extension of his hands. By far the most important tool. There is a large crowd to choose from, but just as Harry Potter was chosen for his wand, every hairdresser has to choose the ones that give him the most security and confidence. Materials range from cobalt to carbon, vanadium, or titanium. On the other hand, there are also different models of scissors designed to achieve one or more specific functions:

•             Micro-serrated cutting scissors: They offer impeccable cutting precision, their blades are finished in a similar way to that of a saw, and therefore the hair does not slide down the blade.

•             Sculpting scissors: allow you to empty hair and remove or add volume. The emptying of volume will depend on the size of the tooth, the number of teeth on the blade and the distance between them.

•             Thinning scissors: also used to empty hair and remove or add volume. The advantage of these is that they do not damage hair that is not cut.

•             Parading scissors: with a finish similar to that of a razor blade. They are valid for parading, as they slide easily through the hair.

Combs and brushes at Lux beauty Lounge

Combs and brushes are very useful tools to achieve the desired effect on our client’s hair. In the former, the most important thing is that they are not made of plastic, so you will avoid the static electricity they produce. And, depending on what you want it for, fine tines and wide tines.

In the brushes, you have much more variety and you must know the hair and the objective of your client to choose the best one. Some of them are:

•             The round brushes will help you blow-dry your hair and make it smooth. You will find them in different sizes that will adapt to all types of cuts.

•             The thermal brushes,

Thanks to the heat of the dryer, add more shine and is used especially for medium and long hair.

•             Bristles of nylon Brushes

The brushes with bristles of nylon are most common and are used to undo tangles.

•             The brushes with oval stimulate the scalp and help to brush manes rebels.

•           To volume up the roots 

The brushes with fine teeth and rounded help give volume from the root.


This is a part of the didactic material of the Haircut Courses, so better go with some basic notions. The brushing is the process by which it makes the hair smooth, through the application of heat.

Basically, it would refer to the art of getting all types of hair to acquire a smooth texture,  in order to make hairstyles with it, or simply to wear it loose, but totally smooth, combed and manageable. An art!

Also, it is a discipline that is responsible for keeping hair straight for the longest amount of time, to the extent that the weather or conditions allow it. And, this is not easy, it requires specific knowledge and techniques. Just as the great ally of Brushing is heated, its great enemy is humidity.

These are the elements of Brushing and necessary to carry it out:

First of all, you should have a fairly absorbent towel on hand, since it is necessary that the hair on which the Brushing is going to be done be removed as much moisture as possible, before starting the procedure.

Likewise, it must have a dryer, if possible at least with two speeds, likewise, it must have a nozzle, so that a greater amount of air can be directed to a certain place.

The third important factor when making a Brushing is a flat brush, with which hair may be extended.

Likewise, it will be necessary to have a round brush, with which the Brushing will be carried out.

It is also necessary to have a comb or thin comb, as well as some hair clips or clips.

Finally, it will be necessary a cosmetic product, such as silicone or hairspray, helps to naturally fix the hair, in order to extend it as much as possible.

Would you like to continue expanding your knowledge in a specific area of the hairdressing sector? Get to know the Hair Colorimetry Courses!


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As if the attractions of this training were few, we still have to talk about the online modality of these courses.

Studying online is a trend that has been gaining strength in recent years. The educational offer of online studies is increasing every day since online courses can be taken on practically all subjects and in very different formats. We cannot left behind the hairdressers. Why study one of the online Haircut Courses? Let’s see!

There are different reasons to study:

•             It facilitates training for people who for reasons of work activity, place of residence, age or any personal reason cannot access face-to-face studies.

•             Time and geographical flexibility: you can carry out your studies when and where you want. You will be able to combine your studies with other work, social, or family activities or obligations.

Will be able to carry out the studies you want thanks to the wide online training offer. 

Can study in prestigious centers without having to go to the headquarters of the training center. 

Touched by an angel beauty school consists of active learning since it requires a lot of effort on the part of the student. The student takes responsibility for his own training. 

•             24-hour access: Anyone can access the content of studies at the time they need.

Update the content continuously.

•             Cost reduction:

online training is cheaper by not having to travel or buy materials.

Are you thinking of doing a specialty? And interested in any of the Haircut Courses? Wait no more, at our Touched By an Angel Beauty School we have specialized staff now. Get in touch with your ideal profession and get bigger and better job offers.

We will wait for you!