How to make money with hairstyles

How to make money with hairstyles

How about earning some money doing hairstyles? This may be a good opportunity in the beauty sector that perhaps is not yet so explored there in your city!

Hair care is essential for the woman who wants to be even more beautiful. Whether it is for day-to-day or for an event, because maintaining a good hair style changes your presence and gives a completely different visual appearance. However, most women do not know how to do quality and differentiated hairstyles. So there may be the chance for you to specialize in the subject and start working.

Throughout this article today I will show you some details on how to get started in the hairstyle sector, I will give you some useful tips, and much more. These tips are worth taking a note as most are words of our best hair stylist in Touched by an Angel Beauty School. So read on and take note!


  • How to work with hair styles
  • Target audience or a client of the hair styling business
  • How to advertise your hair styling business?
  • Are hair styles worth working with today?

How to work with hairstyles?

The most traditional way of working with hairstyles today is to set up your own beauty salon. But since the goal is to focus on only this type of service, your salon does not need to be very large. You can even use some space in your own home, to start activities. Then it will be necessary to buy some work accessories, such as an iron, hair dryer, bras, combs, hair products, a large mirror, chair, a sink and other miscellaneous items.

Another way to provide services as a hair stylist nearby is by attending home, where the client will contact you. Set a schedule and you will go to his or her residence to provide the service. It is a way to offer a differentiated service and to stand out in the market.

Note: try to keep a well-organized agenda and seek customer loyalty, because only in this way will you be able to stay in this market.

Target audience or clients of a hairstyling business

Regardless of the situation, women always want to be with beautiful hair. So hairstyles can be made both for everyday wear and for a certain event. But in most cases, your clients will be brides or bridesmaids, so for that you have to specialize quite a lot in that branch to achieve the best possible hairstyles (braided hair styles, medieval hairstyle, ponytail, etc.) to please your clientele.

On the other hand, it is possible to get several clients who just want to tidy their hair for a simple party, a baptism, a graduation or to go out for the weekend with their friends. In these cases, they will be totally different hairstyles from those used for brides and bridesmaids, so it is necessary to have skill and knowledge also to perform casual hairstyles.

How to advertise your hairstyling business?

As much as you are a best hair stylist, a great professional in the art of hairstyling and have good accessories to work with in the best way, if your target audience does not realize that, they will hardly be able to carry on with their own business. Therefore, this is one of the mistakes made by many women who want to work in the field, as they simply start to provide services, but stand idly by waiting for clients to appear out of nowhere.

You need to go out and fight, so make use of social networks to increase your commitment between people and facilitate your contact with whoever is in need of a great hairstyle!!!

Therefore, use your profile on Facebook, publicize your business in service groups in your city, use Instagram and WhatsApp to publicize, create business cards, use word of mouth to invite the people you meet and thus you will become more popular your styling services.  Do not be ashamed to tell people about what you do and if possible, at first invite some women to a free experiment, because then they themselves will speak well of you to other people and that tends to increase their clientele.

Are hairstyles worth working with today?

The beauty services are more in vogue than ever, so if you specialize in any of them undoubtedly earn a lot of money. Therefore, this is one of the best branches to work today and according to research. The beauty market does not suffer from the crisis and continues to grow even with a bad period in the general market. In this way, I think it is worth specializing in hairstyles and starting to provide this service in your city.

To end this article today, I hope that the tips on how to make money with hairstyles that I have highlighted here have been useful and have helped you feel even more motivated to start working on your own, as it is a great opportunity to start your own business or at least profit from it in your free time, thus reconciling with another job or with your studies. I wish you success and a big hug!