how to make natural hair mini twist?

How to make mini twists of two strands at Salon and Home?

Scope of two-wire Mini Twists

More and more people like two-wire mini twists. People can easily enjoy this style without trimming, whether their hair is natural or relaxed. Here at touched by an angel Salon, we provide you perfect mini twists of two strands. Visit us and have charms of mini twists:)

In my today’s article, I will cover both how to make mini two strands twists at Salon and at home. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to leave feedback.

What will you find in this article:

How to create perfect mini twists at Salon

  • How to get natural look of two strands mini twists?

How to make mini twists of two strands at home?

  • What You’ll Need to Get Started
  • Clean
  • Deep condition
  • Moisturize and protect from heat
  • Section to create mini twists
  • Blow
  • Section again

Final Tip

How to create perfect mini twists at Salon?

Twist or weave two strands of hair, creating double-strand twists. Here’s the process to create two strands twists at Touched by an angel Salon, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our stylists are considered the best hair stylist of Georgia especially the owner, La Porsha Grier.

Simply roll the strands one over the other over and over again until you reach the ends of the hair. Roll twists on foam or paper rollers or plastic rods to add body and/or curl.

how to make natural hair mini twist?
How to make natural hair mini twist?

How to get natural look of two strands mini twists?

For a more natural look, create a random partition pattern. To adjust the length, textures, and thickness of the hair, change the size and shape of each twist. As real hair may not grow or fall in evenly spaced rows of square boxes. Then the twists will fall into a more natural hair pattern.

  • Twist the hair in the same way from root to tip. Many women can simply begin to “roll” the ends of their mini twists. This wrong movement can not only seal the mini twist tight, but also make it difficult to untwist the hair, leading to tangles and breakage. You must keep the hair in the cross hair all the way. So when it’s time to lower the turns, you can easily reverse the movement.
  • To get the most out of the style, start with damp or semi-dry hair. Naturally, type 3c or type 4 hairs in a spiral can prevent mini twists from contracting to retain a bit of length in your hair. This trick will add body, movement, and that bit of extra texture needed for curlier or more relaxed lengths, making the look work. When your hair is about 50% dry, start twisting the sections at the nape. There should be enough moisture left to place the hair in the rollers and still get some effect when working on the front of the head. If not, to prevent the hair from drying out completely, you can spray the hair with water from a spray bottle.
  • For a more natural and versatile look, divide hair into smaller sections. It’s easy to sweep smaller twists into ponytails, updos, and other styles.
  • Increase shine and keep hair in tip-top shape with a leave-in conditioner.

How to make mini twists of two strands at Home

So school has been in session for over two months, and my obligations have increased. I needed to find a hairstyle that would last three to four weeks because I found myself continually exhausted after a day of exercising, working, going to class, studying, and fellowship. I was poop, to say the least and needed a cute style that had versatility and longevity.

how to make natural hair mini twist?
How to make mini twist at home

I am seeing an increase in the natural swing twists of natural two strands, and I was very hesitant at first. Every time I was going to imagine that on myself, I had a flashback of third-grade photos on photo day with hair clips. It wasn’t until I started working in Touched by an angel Salon, Union City, GA that I realized how versatile they are. Styles can range from wearing a ponytail, braid, or a pin-up style.

The process took me four hours just to do the mini twists, but for a style that can last a month, I can’t complain. Here are my steps to get a long-lasting mini-twists two-legged.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

  • A water bottle
  • A leave-in conditioner
  • A butter-based twisting cream
  • Clips
  • A handheld mirror
  • Patience (and maybe a new show to watch on your streaming service of choice)

1. Clean

Because you will be twisting in the hair blowing, you want to ensure that the entire product collects dirt and is cleaned from the hair. Using any heating device on dirty hair is not good for hair or tools.

2. Deep condition

In order to lessen the potential for heat damage, you want to give your hair a good moisture treatment, especially if you are going to maintain the mini twists at a time like me.

3. Moisturize and protect from heat

Grapeseed oil and coconut oil work as well as heat protectants. Everyone’s hair has a different sensitivity to heat, so wearing a protector is not really a guarantee against heat damage if you set heat appliances to their highest heat levels. Therefore, always keep your hairdryer on the low setting to avoid irreversible damage.

4. Section to create mini twists

The smaller the section before the blowout, the better the result, but don’t take that to the extreme. You can actually protect your hair by making moderately sized sections so that you don’t make sections so small that your hair fries due to over-concentrating on a small area.

5. Blow

Doing a bang-out is useful for three main reasons: stretch, less frizz, and versatility. By blowing out the hairs before twisting you avoid the potential for their uneven mini twist winding. Because it will stretch your twist this also adds versatility. Hair with the wet style is bound to become frizzy faster, simply because the curls do not elongate. As long as you put your twist on a satin cap at night your hair should maintain the integrity of the mini twist in the morning.

You want to make sure that you use a hairdryer with a comb. This allows you to prevent hair from flying around while blowing dry. It is also essential to comb down to ensure that the hair shaft is being sealed. When the hair is tousled it can shake the hair shaft and cause damage.

6. Section again

how to make natural hair mini twist?

Sectioning the hair before twisting will help keep the loose hair from tangling while twisting. Without good sectioning, grabbing loose threads can lead to accidental breakage.

I twisted with Butter Sculpting Nectar from the Earth (I love it!), as it is an oil-based product. Most natural hair products are water-based, but their use is only stimulated to reverse the hair while it is twisting and can shorten the life of the style.

So far I have used a low ponytail and a French braid. I have 28 more days to be creative!

Final Tip

Many ladies use the LOC method to apply products to their twists, using a shea butter-based cream as their foundation hair product. Making your own mixture at home is an option, but if you want a product that is all ready to go,  Touched by an Angel Hair Salon has a twist elongating style cream made with shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, kokum butter, and cupuacu butter, as well as aloe to keep the hair hydrated.

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