custom Chemo wig

TBA, Your Chemo Wig Provider

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and before undergoing chemotherapy treatment, you would like to order a personalized Chemo Wig. We will tell you how you can do it step by step and the respectful process that we have been implementing at Touched by Angel Salon and School for more than two decades of experience.

There are many people, mainly women, who request a custom oncological or medical wig due to the complete loss of hair that involves undergoing the medical process of chemotherapy. This cancer treatment often reduces self-esteem by radically modifying the physique, so having a wig from the first moment helps them feel better about themselves and can preserve their usual appearance, giving them comfort.

How can I buy a custom Chemo wig

Make an appointment with us:

Without obligation, you can book a totally free appointment in our consultations in Stockbridge. Around 15 or 17 days after the first session, your wig will be completely ready. Solving the problem of hair loss.

At TBA we will make a mold with the measurements of your hair. And also based on several photographs so that you can appreciate what your biological hair and your hairstyle is like.

We cut and comb the personalized Chemo wig so that it is perfectly adapted to your image. We give it to you! : To facilitate your comfort, an expert hair stylist in TBA Salon completely adapts the chemo wig to your image.

Among the advantages, personalized chemo wigs weigh little and allow your skin to breathe. Respecting the sensitivity of your scalp that can suffer from dryness, itching, burning and in extreme cases even eczema. For this reason, our custom-made medical wigs protect you. Without the need to use glues and adhesives that irritate and damage the skin.

Benefits of TBA chemo wig

Other benefits are that the texture and color will be identical to your normal hair. In addition, its quality and durability go hand in hand. Since it requires very simple maintenance, does not tangle or discolor, its care is simple. And it will remain perfect for as long as you require its use. Compared to the bad results, the unreal appearance and the discomfort that synthetic hair can generate, European natural hair is postulated as the best alternative for you to be satisfied and maintain your natural image throughout the treatment.

The secret of one hundred percent natural hair chemo wigs lies in hair selection and color treatment. It is thanks to this that women affected by this type of hair loss recover their image in a discreet and natural way.

We know that your self-esteem is very important. For this reason, we take care of your appearance and do our bit so that you can feel better about yourself. If you want to order a personalized oncological wig, book a free, no-obligation appointment. You can see our work and receive advice from our team of experts.