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Hair Store Open near me: Touched by Angel

At Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon and School we are in luck! We can finally announce that we have a new wig shop and hair store online in Stockbridge Ga.

Our store is with the same products and services that you can find in our Touched by Angel Salon and School but with the convenience of having them now online.

Do you suffer from hair loss and need a diagnosis to determine if a wig is your solution?

Are you going to start chemotherapy treatment and are you looking for advice on wigs and turbans in Atlanta?

Do you already have hair integration system or hair prosthesis with us and need maintenance near your home or work?

Or you want to change your look and want to wear natural hair extensions with the best guarantees and in the heart of Stockbridge?

Have a hairdressing salon and need us to advise you to sell our wigs, extensions or hairpieces?

Now it is possible

Because in our new Touched by an Angel hair store near you, you will find wigs, integration systems, hair prostheses, hairpieces, natural hair extensions, oncological turbans … as well as all the necessary treatments to solve your hair problem.

New hair center closer to you

It has been very difficult for us to keep the secret. We have been working in our new store for months with the hope of fulfilling one of our great purposes: to be closer to you, to have a hair store near you.

Now coming to see us is easier and more comfortable than ever. Although it was earlier touched by angel salon. Welcome to the new online hair store of Touched by an Angel salon and School.

What will you find in our new wig shop?

Chemotherapy wigs

Thanks to our more than 15 years of experience, we continue to be one of the main references in the health and beauty sector in all of Georgia.

In our new wig shop you will find a wide variety of wigs. Natural hair wigs, oncological wigs, wigs for alopecia, custom wigs, fantasy wigs … and also wigs for show business such as theater, cinema, television, fashion and window dressing. Our goal is to cover any need you may have.

Of course, the same services that you can enjoy in our Salon, you finally have them on your fingertips closer than you imagine in our new hair store:

  • Treatments for hair problems.
  • Adaptation and customization service for each wig or hair system.
  • Official maintenance service.
  • Image and beauty advice service.
  • Manufacturing and repair service for wigs, hairpieces and systems.
  • Oncological makeup.
hair store at touched by angel salon, atlanta
hair store at touched by angel salon, Atlanta

What will your visit to our new wig shop be like?

To come and see us, we recommend doing it by appointment. In this way, we guarantee that our staff will dedicate the time that is necessary to assist you and will be at your entire disposal.

Remember that we are here to pamper you and, therefore, we want to take all the time in the world with you and at no cost to you. We guarantee it.

Make your appointment now and get a best hair products and wigs for you on our hair store near you! Click here

Personalized attention: Hair Store Near me

We take your hair problem very seriously. We know from our years of experience that hair loss is a very delicate and sensitive subject and that, above all, it makes you have many doubts. Do not worry.

An expert in image and hair solutions will talk with you to get to the bottom of your hair problem and give you the most personalized solution.

Private individual cabins: Hair Store near me

Privacy when it comes to hair loss or cancer treatments is essential. Therefore, in our center you will find two individual private cabins perfectly equipped so that when you arrive you can relax and feel safe.

Aesthetic advice

Many times the classes in aesthetic hair solution that you thought would go well for you, does not suit you. For this reason, in the Touched by Angel Salon and School’s hair store you can try on everything you need without exception, from wigs, turbans … etc. We want you to be really convinced with the proposal that we design for you.

You can also learn techniques for selection and putting wigs in our esthetician school in Georgia.

We have come to hear that other wig shops charge their customers for simply trying on their products. This will never happen to you in the hair store in Stockbridge, Ga.

Maintenance tips: Hair Store near me

Once you have decided on a specific hair solution, we will give you the guidelines for proper use and maintenance.

How to put on a wig? How do you flush a partial system? What to do to make my alopecia wig last longer?

These tricks will be a key to achieving the goal that always worries all our clients: that no one notices that you are wearing a wig, prosthesis or partial system.

If you wish, in our new hair Store we can offer you a more professional maintenance, so that any hair solution will last longer. Remember that we are manufacturers and that is why we can give you this service so that your piece has the appearance of the first day.

Personalized follow-up

If you visit us again, the hair expert who attended you the first time will be waiting to assist you.

Our attention does not end the first day we meet. Rather, it is the beginning of a relationship in which we will continue to worry about you and your self-esteem.

We are already open. What are you waiting to come see us?