Fake Hair Don’t Care!

A Hairdresser’s Guide to Quick Weaves and Hair Extensions

Do you often find yourself obsessing over the presumably flawless supermodels on Instagram? Do their perfect hair, outfits, and popping features make you wonder how they’re so breathtakingly beautiful? Well, to be honest, we’ve all been there! 

The fashion icons in all their glamour on social media can be quite deceiving. The reality is often far from what’s displayed. The long, sleek, voluminous hair and the glass skin you see on most models are nothing but hair extensions and a whole lot of high-end makeup. And while that may be a bit hard for you to digest, that is the reality, no matter how disappointing it may be.

So, while you sit in your PJs immersed within an ocean of self-doubt and insecurities, we’ve brought to you a guide to crack the secret code to the flawlessness of all those fashion divas’ angel hair. Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable in your chair. You are about to learn everything weave, quick weave wigs, and hair extensions.

Everything You Need to Know About Weaves and Hair Extensions

Almost all of the beauty gurus and supermodels that you seem to worship on social media wear extensions and wigs. The way popular celebrities like Beyonce and Zendaya roll are by changing their hair length and color every now and then. 

These celebrities, on multiple occasions, have claimed that their weave hairstyles help them feel confident in a supposedly new skin. Fake hair can transform your whole look and with it, a big chunk of your personality as well! So, let’s hop onto the “new hair new me” train and explore some of the best ways to achieve that impeccable celebrity hair in no time.

Weaves Vs. Hair Extensions: Which is Better?

The most prominent and natural fake hair applications are achieved through either of the two: weaves or hair extensions. Both of these are methods of attaching fake hair in the most natural between your virgin hair. While weaves fall under the category of “hair extensions” as well, they are a whole other exciting world in themselves. From closure sew-ins to lace closure weaves, there is a myriad of options available for you to amp up your hairstyle.

Understanding Weaves

To break down the difference between the two: weaves are a more permanent method of installing hair extensions in your hair. They involve sewing in or gluing together wefts of pieces of hair extensions in your hair. There are multiple types of sew-in weaves that you can thread in your hair. You can choose to style your hair using the sew-in with closure weaving technique or choose to get a braided or braidless sew-in, a curly hair sew-in, a half-up half-down sew-in or, full lace front closures as well. While the “sewing in” may sound scary and painful, there’s nothing to worry about as the needle never touches or punctures the skin on your scalp. 

Weaves are by far considered the best method of accentuating your hairstyle as they tend to last much longer than the typical hair extensions. They’re preferred over hair extensions because you do not have to worry about clipping and unclipping them every time you need to shower or sleep. And the most convenient, impressive part about weaves? You can wear them like your natural hair for as long as six to eight weeks! Wake up to a gorgeous mess of sleek long hair daily. With weave hair extensions, you never have to wake up with dying, thin hair ever again! 

Hair Extensions That Are Not Weaves

As mentioned earlier, all weaves are a type of hair extensions but not all extensions are weaves. Hair extensions usually come in two types: synthetic and natural human hair. The synthetic clip-on is not as durable as the natural extension and is prone to damage by heat and wash. Not to mention that the synthetic extensions are not human hair, and a fake always kind of shows. Your best bet at giving your hair an overall natural look would be extensions made from natural human hair as they’re closest to your natural hair. 

Some methods of installing temporary hair extensions that cannot be weaved into your hair are: 

  1. tape-in hair extensions
  2. clip-in hair extensions
  3. micro-links hair extensions, and a more permanent method, that is, 
  4. bonding or fusion extensions

Tape-in, clip-in, and micro-links are all temporary methods of taping, clipping, or hooking the extensions to your hair as the name suggests. Bonding and fusion extensions, however, last longer and are stuck to your head using keratin glue or extension glue. Keratin glue is strong enough to hold the extensions in place for a good six months. 

The Trendy Brazilian Hair Extensions

Apart from the aforementioned hair extensions, a personal favorite in trend right now is the Brazilian hair extension. This extension is the holy grail of so many women around the world who thought they’d never see a day of good hair again. But then swept into their lives the Brazilian extension as a rescue to shedding hair. Voluminous, smooth, and as shiny as a sparkling diamond, their hair now stands Brazil enough to steal the limelight! 

A Silent Hero- Your Everyday Wig

While the world was busy admiring the innovation of hair extensions, there was a silent knight who got overshadowed by all the hype its rival received. Different from hair extensions but equally fine, wigs are the unsung heroes of today’s time. 

While most wigs may not be as chic and natural-looking as hair extensions are, they are truly your hair’s best friend when it comes to fake hair. Hair extensions can be harsh on your hair and damage them significantly, but not wigs. Wigs are that friend who gives you everything without asking for anything in return. So why is it then that people prefer hair extensions over wigs? Well, let’s find out!

Wigs are still a lot in fashion. From blonde lace front wigs to a chin-length bob cut, wigs are the best alternative to your natural hair. Your hairstyle defines you in a lot of ways. It can literally change your whole appearance and take you from looking goth to resembling an anime girl. Most celebrities and fashion icons wear wigs to spice up their look and bring something new in trend. Wigs are better than hair extensions for two main reasons: 1) they do not damage your hair while hair extensions might, 2) they’re much cheaper than most hair extensions. 

However, despite these benefits, most people would still rather opt for extensions because they’re longer-lasting and are much more natural-looking. But, note that hair extensions do not really come in handy when you want to completely change the color of your hair for a day or go from long layers to a bob cut temporarily. This is where a wig seizes the day!

Taking Care of Extensions and Weaves

Many hair weaves salons advise you on the necessary measures you have to take in order to ensure the healthy growth of your hair and minimize damage. Washing your hair twice a week with the conditioner and shampoo prescribed by your hairstylist is ideal for hair with extensions. 

You need to make sure that you take proper care of your hair by blowdrying it, nourishing it, and detangling it daily. Refrain from using any harsh chemicals on your hair on pulling on your extensions too harshly. You want to treat your hair as nicely as a slice of pizza treats your taste buds. 

With proper hygiene and care, you can forever bid farewell to frizzy, dry hair! The sleek and beautiful hair extensions will take your hair game from level 1 to 10 in one incredible transformation, which might come at the expense of your wallet left empty. But that doesn’t seem so bad when you get in return the million-dollar Ariana Grande look that you’d literally been wishing for your whole life, does it?