A Sew in Weave

An extensive guide on weaves

Hello girlfriend, When was the last time you cut those luscious locks? Do not tell me it has been years since you tried a new hairstyle. That will not happen on my watch. I know that going for a short hairstyle or having sew-in weaves after a breakup is so cool and trendy. But that does not mean that you cannot experiment with your looks without the involvement of some emotional trauma. 

I know what you are thinking. You are contemplating, “what if short hair doesn’t suit me after I cut them. It is not like I can sew them back on. There is no way to return.“ Well, let me tell you, in Chandler bing style, you could not be more wrong. You can stitch them back on metaphorically. 

How? With the help of weaves, duh. They prove to be an excellent option for all those girls who have exceptionally short hair and do not want to be seen with them. I mean, there is nothing wrong with short hair, but everyone has their taste. So, for all such ladies, you can adapt to your natural hairstyle with them. Or you can turn around your existing old hairstyle and make a stunning fashion statement with these weaves. So, let’s discuss them in detail. 

What is a weave?

Let’s start this discussion with some questions that have caused confusion and uncertainty among women. What is a weave? Should you get them or not? Do they even look natural? What are their types? How much do they cost? Are they even worth it? Relax, relax, take a break. I will answer all of these; just give this woman a break. 

An extensive guide on weaves

A weave or hair extension is an artificial hair lock that you can attach to your head along with your natural hair. Are these clip-in extensions that you sometimes use with your ponytail? No, weaves are made to last longer than that. They are sewn alongside your hair. So, they are semi-permanent fake hair that stays attached to your head for weeks. 

Types of weaves

A Sew in weave

An extensive guide on weaves

A sew-in weave is a type of hair extension that is sewed into the braid with needles and threads. People with thicker hair use these hair extensions predominantly.

Implementation of sew-in weaves will take a few hours. If you are new in this world, you may be overwhelmed with the several kinds of hair weaves. Luxury weaves available in the market look like 100% Remy human hairs. 

A professional hair stylist technically applies Sew-in weaves. It usually comes in wig-form. If you want to get permanent stylish locks, go for sew-in hair weaves.

Micro links 

An extensive guide on weaves

Also known as micro rings or micro beads, micro links is a type of hair extension in which extension is secured to the hair strands by use of a small, silicone bead. The extensions can last 10 to 12 weeks, depending on care and maintenance. 

Do micro links damage hair? Relatively quick and easy application. Hair can be added fairly quickly, sometimes less than an hour (depends on the stylist). Micro link hair extensions do not require the use of heat, adhesives or other chemicals and when installed properly, there shouldn’t be any damage to your real hair. 

An extensive guide on weaves
Micro links – Do they damage hair?

A Clip-In Weaves

If the idea of stitching or taping an extension on your head frightens you, then do not worry because the world does not end here. There are a lot of other options as well. A clip-in weave is one such option. You can apply them with a clip to your natural hairs. Though these are the least permanent types of hair weaves, you can remove them whenever you want.

Clip-in Weave

Also, the clip-in weaves are less damaging as it does not involve any technical tool and chemical. So, when are you changing your looks and applying these popular types of hair weaves? Don’t forget to take a picture of your volumized hair and gram it for the world. 

How to take care of your weaves?

Being a woman, I feel the pride to keep myself in tip-top shape. A little extra self-care goes a long way. After spending hundreds of dollars on hair weaves, it is not wise to not take care of them. You don’t want to waste your money. Do you? If you are unclear about how to take care of your weaves. You are not alone; every woman thinks about it.

These are some ways to keep your weaves properly:

  • Apply shampoo bi-weekly
  • Use conditioner recommended by a hairdresser
  • Wrap them in cotton fabric
  • Dry your hairs properly
  • Use a scarp while sleeping
  • Apply braid at night
  • Apply minimum heat by the straightener
  • Do not drench the hair weaves with hair products
  • Moisturize the weaves thoroughly
  • Apply oils to scalp only
  • Remove the weaves as recommended by professional
  • Keep visiting your hairdresser once or twice a week

For how long can you put a sew-in in your hair?

An Extensive guide on weaves
An Extensive guide on weaves

How can you extend the lifespan of sew-in weaves? Generally speaking, by taking care of your weaves. Invest your precious time to take care of your gorgeous hairs.

The answer to this question depends upon the type of weaves you use. Further, it depends upon the professional skills of your hairstylist. Meticulous care will extend the lifespan of your weave up to 12 weeks.

If you follow the hairdresser guidelines properly, your sew-in weave will last for six to twelve weeks.

Is there any disadvantage of these weaves?

Hair weave is an attractive option for all the trendy women who want to have stylish hair. Hair weave are the most popular item across the world, used by celebrities and socialites.

It come in different forms like tape-ins, sew-ins, clip-ins, and many more. You can choose them according to your preference. The cons of hair weaves that Touched by an Angel Salon in union City offers are as follows:

  • Its implementation takes time of several hours.
  • It may be heavy for thin hairs.
  • You can not wash the hairs regularly, which develops bacteria and other infections.
  • Not a versatile option for the stylish woman.
  • Oily products and conditioners cannot be used for tape-ins hair weaves.
  • Heat may damage your scalp.
  • You may feel discomfort when reinstalling the hair weaves.


Now that you know all about these hair weaves. Are you ready to try them on? Big celebrities like Rihanna and Ariana have been spotted wearing hair extensions. And they are not shy to admit them. So, why should you?  Be a trendy and stylish woman by applying weaves. Professionals have made these weaves with 100% natural hair material. You can follow all the latest trends with hair extensions. So, do not miss a single event whether you have short or long hair.