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Life is tough on us girls with curls. Isn’t it? Our hair looks like a mess even after brushing them. No matter how long they get, they still look short because of the impeccable curls. I am not saying that curls are not beautiful; I am very proud of my thick black curly sew-in.

But the thing is, I have always admired long waist-length hair. And when I first heard that, I could get the length of my dreams with sew-ins. I rushed to an affordable Salon near me and got myself some smoking hot and shiny weaves. And trust me, I have never been happier. 

I can sense what is going on in your mind. How can you get Curly Sew-in Weaves? Which hairdresser will be best for you? What will be the length of your hair weave? Which color and texture will suit you? How long will be the sew-in weave installation procedure? Don’t be overwhelmed. I am here to answer all your queries.

Let’s jump into the vast world of hair extensions.

Where Does Hair for the extension Come From?

Do girls frequently ask where these hair extensions come from? Mostly, they come from Asia, China, and India. Asian women are the major source of hair weaves as their hair blends easily with other women.

Moreover, they come from European countries too.

Why Do Women Use Curly Sew-ins Weave?

sew in near me
Curly sew-in weaves

These weaves allow you to adopt an ideal look that you wish for many years. The temporary style which a weave provides helps to pass out the transition period. However, if you are uncomfortable with your dull look, choose a sew-in for a new classical look.

I also get frustrated with my boring ponytail hairstyle. If you do, too, then wear a weave for a short time. Generally, a hairdresser will recommend you get sew-ins for a couple of months. If you wear them for a long time, they become problematic. Why? By applying hair weaves, you may neglect your natural hair. You will not heed your hair’s genuine need.

Types of Extensions

Usually, it depends upon the previous hairstyle you want to get rid of. However, choosing a perfect hair weave is quite daunting. When I was using hair extensions for the first time, I was confused and then ended my search by choosing Curly Sew-ins Weave.

You can get extensions for a variable time. Here are the primary types of hair weaves.

  • Temporary: wearable for one day or week
  • Semi-permanent: worn for several weeks
  • Permanent: worn for many years

What are the possible reasons for getting weaves?

Most women use extensions for volume. If your hair is thin, you can use massive hair weaves. Further, you can choose between straight, curly, deep curly, and wavy hair weaves. According to many creative hair managers, girls using hair extensions want volume.

You can use these undetectable hair extensions to show natural and effortless looks. If you have a curly bob, you can add baseline volume with weaves. Moreover, you can add extra length to your long hair.

What kind of hair should you go for?

Curly sew-in near me , at touched by an angel salon
Curly sew-in weaves

If someone asks you to eat plastic pizza, would you eat it? No, right? Then how can you use synthetic hair extensions for your hair? I know synthetic ones are cheaper. But, you should never use any alternative extensions. Be more possessive and demanding during the selection of sew-in weaves. Invest your capital into the high-quality extension you can afford. Your classical look depends upon hairs, so how can you ignore them?

The manufacturers of hair extensions use natural human hairs lost by comb to make wigs and extensions. So, it is relatively easy to get 100% Remy human hair extension.

Do extensions damage your natural hair?

If you are concerned about damaging your natural hair, no worries. Hair damaging depends upon the training and expertise of your hairdresser. If he/she is well trained, then put your worries aside. Sit on the hairstylist’s chair and change your look.

Though it is a great misconception that weaves damage the scalp and innate hair, I assure you there is no risk in installing weaves. You can visit your nearest hairdresser for a consultation about hair extensions.

For How Long I Can Wear Sew-in Weaves?

Weaves come in different types like clip-ins, sew-ins, tape-ins, micro-rings, wigs, and micro links. So, the lifespan of hair extension depends upon the types you choose.

  • Micro-links last for 3 – 4 months
  • Tape-ins last for six weeks.
  • Curly Sew-ins can last for eight weeks.
  • Clip-ins can be removed daily.

How To Take Care of Your Extensions?

Do not neglect your weaves. If you think that they do not need care, you are wrong. You can take care of your gorgeous sew-ins by following simple steps.

  • Never allow your weaves to be oily.
  • Prevent oiliness and slipping of roots
  •  Do not make a high ponytail as it put pressure on the roots.
  • Avoid aggressive pulling

However, you can wash and dry your sew-ins just like your inherited hair. You do not need to buy an extra shampoo or conditioner; your old ones will work totally fine. 

Who Can Get Sew-in?

sew in near me
Curly sew-in weaves

There are not a lot of contraindications for getting sew-ins, as they are pretty harmless. But if you are among those rare 1 percent of unfortunate women who face extensive hair loss. Then, I would recommend that you avoid sew-ins. Because of these, your natural hair might get neglected when they are already in a condition where they require extra care from you. They need nourishment through food and oils. In such situations, getting sew-ins might not be a good idea. 

Final Thoughts:

Choosing a natural and perfect extension for kinky and wavy locks is quite hard. There may be far and few options in front of you. Go for the hair that resembles your natural ones. And once you get comfortable with the idea of sew-ins, then allow yourself to try different colors as well.  Play with your look, do not settle for one style for a long time.