Black Hair Salon for Sew-in Weave

Black Hair Salon: Right Selection for Sew-in Weave

From trendy cuts and hair coloring to extension installations, stylish braid and sew-in weave. Only the professional hairdressing salon guides your choice. As each professional has their own treatment protocols, it may be wise to check that they meet your needs. Your mission is therefore to find the hairdresser who will understand both your hair texture and your desires while being able to provide you with the appropriate advice.

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Choose your black hair salon according to the type of service

 Services that require high technicalities such as straightening or certain cuts or certain hair styling require you to remain faithful to your hairdresser in order to be able to go there every 6 to 8 weeks. Choosing a black salon where you can go without difficulty will protect you from unpleasant surprises. The hairdresser knows your hair, its needs and knows with which products to maintain it or how to cut it, without you having to re­-explain your desires at each visit.

The same goes for sew-in weaves. Certain hair stylists are so up to their skills to have “a good hand” on clients which do not break the hair or do not tighten too much. Hair artist intervenes during special events (parades, shootings, weddings …) and also offers their services to individuals during hairdressing session. It is better to be wary of hairdressers who advertise themselves with photographs taken from magazines. These photos are only inspirations and they cannot illustrate the true know­how of your hairdresser. Techniques such as braids, sew-in weaves tell about the professional experience of the hairdresser. If the hairstyles appear too tight, beware, especially if you have a sensitive scalp.

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In addition, each black hair salon and hairstylist has a specialty, a field in which they excel. Many black salons have passion and the realization of hairstyles on natural hair. Their ambition is to familiarize women with their texture and show you the full range of care capabilities and hairstyles suitable for frizzy and curly hair. Beyond the simple hairstyle, they will also be able to advise you on the maintenance of your hair on a daily basis.

Choose your black hair salon according to the location

Start by doing a geographic search to identify salons near your home or workplace. Different salons are classified by region, city, but also by specialty, depending on whether you want black hair care, weaving, maintaining your locks, straightening or coloring.

Some African hairstyles like sew-in weaves take much longer than hairstyles on natural hair. This parameter should be taken into account when choosing your living room. If you have a time requirement, it may be better to opt for a salon near your home, workplace or train station.

Fortunately, more and more black hair salons and hairdressers are coming forward with new techniques. Some have the necessary equipment and expertise to offer you the same services as a high-end salon. Those specializing in braids and weaving generally have how to know acquired for this job. In both cases, word of mouth prevails.

Besides words of mouth, specialized training and certified hairdressers greatly make a difference with handling client and styling.

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Trust word of mouth

Good black hair salons and hairdressers no longer need to advertise themselves. Satisfied clients are happy to share their good addresses with those around them. When you find that a person has good hair, do not hesitate to ask them for the address of their hairdresser. To verify that it is likely to be suitable for your needs, then give him a phone call and meet there to make sure that you want to entrust your hair to him.

On the other hand clients, bloggers and critics have the responsibility to give critics and review about the bad experience regarding the salon’s services to help other clients. So, the client has never been to a random salon again.

Four parameters to take into account before visiting black hair salon

The diagnosis

Before any service, ask for a hair diagnosis. This hair and scalp assessment can be done in a few minutes and free of charge. This will allow you to warn you against possible risks, but also to guide you in the choice of suitable products. The professional is the one who will ask you about the date of your last straightening, your last braids, your last cut or coloring and how you maintain your hair on a daily basis. If the questions do not indicate any knowledge of the specific needs of afro hair, turn on your heels. Good black saloons have a real diagnostic area. The client is taken to a separate location and seated in a chair while the expert programs a specific machine that will deliver precise results in just a few minutes on the condition of your hair and scalp.


Avoid hair salons with questionable hygiene. The care taken in keeping the show can give you an idea of the rigor with which the products used are chosen (origin and respect for expiration dates) as well as the accessories used (frequent washing of combs and brushes).

The serious

In addition, a professional must be able to establish a precise estimate for you. There is nothing crippling about a disagreement, as long as it is done in a cordial and reasoned manner. A true professional hairdresser who is committed to preserving the health of your hair will warn you against all actions that could compromise it. If there is a better solution, he will offer you an alternative.

The personality

Make sure you are comfortable with your hairdresser. The time you spend in his hands is considerable and the prices are often high. As much as the moment is pleasant and conducive to relaxation.