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African Braids, You’ll Definitely Want for Your Next Protective Style

If you are looking for a variety of African braids to do that will instantly make you feel glamorous and royal in your hair then you have come to the right place.

When it comes to versatility, this type of African braids is the queen in terms of styles and hairstyles proposals at Touched by an Angel Salon, Atlanta.

And, depending on the way they are braided, decorative applications and colored materials that are very striking can be adapted to them.

If you are getting weary of wearing the same hairstyle as always, and you want a modern style, here Touched by an Angel Salon, Atlanta, explains some techniques so that you can get the braids that best suits your personality.

You may also like in how to do African braids at home.

Loose braids

Loose braids are individual braids of various sizes that girls are weaving throughout the hair, and that lend themselves to various hairstyles after braiding:

Box Braids at Touched by an Angel Salon, Atlanta

This is the most representative style of the African trend. Thanks to its ability to fit any type of look from the most classic to the most modern and daring.

It involves weaving multiple braids of the same thickness throughout the hair.

Braids pulled back

This braids is one of the most popular protective hair styles.

The hair braids, fixing it to the scalp in thin and organized straight lines up to the middle of the crown. Or up to the nape of the neck, leaving the rest of the braiding loosely down the back.

Micro braids

African Braids at Touched by angel salon, atlanta

Micro braids are very thin and delicate braids. It can be woven into all types of hair, short or long. And it is ideal for those who have frizzy hair as an effective method to appease it.

They are woven from the scalp in small strands, either in its entirety, covering the entire length. Or halfway to leave the hair with its natural texture at the ends.

Braided Lob

African Braids at Touched by angel salon, atlanta

If you have short lob hair, add more texture and visibility by making micro braids. You can wear loose braid, or accompanied by a brooch or ponytail.

The versatility of these loose braids is that they can also be worn with hairstyles such as high buns, half bun, half ponytail, and for riskier women, a high bun will help highlight your personality.

Medium box braids

 Box mediumBraids at Touched by an Angel Salon, Atlanta

These braids add more volume to the hairstyle. It makes them more striking, and they have the goodness that they are not as heavy as the thickest ones.

The style is the same as the micro braids, with the difference that thicker strands of hair are used.

Depending on its density, extensions may be required that guarantee more braids and with the appropriate thickness.

Jumbo bun

jumbo bun Braids at Touched by an Angel Salon, Atlanta

You can bring your medium braids up to the top of your crown and collect them in a giant bun; And if you are more daring and want to wear this style for longer, braids them from the roots starting from the nape of the neck up to add a nice design to the base of your bun.

Its practicality lies in the variety of hairstyles with which it can be played:

  • Half hairstyles: It is a modern way of wearing the hair, parted in the middle, at the level of the ears and tied in a bun at the crown.
  • Side swept: this style looks great on long hair. The hairline is marked on one side, to slide the hair sideways, letting it fall on the forehead.
  • High bun: ideal for women with long hair, to wear it in their day to day. For this all the braids are collected in a bun at the top of the hair.
  • Braided: they add texture and volume to the hairstyle. It is enough to divide the already braided hair into three parts, and weave them together into a loose braid.

Thick braids

Often called goddess braids, it is a thicker version of the classic African braids that adds more volume to the hairstyle.

The braiding style used is generally the braiding underneath in any of its versions ( French , Dutch, plain or fish ).

Some proposals are:

Triangle African braids

The sections of the strands at the root are made leaving a design of triangular figures instead of the typical square. Leaving a new style in which the geometric figures will stand out thanks to the natural fall of the braid.

Senegalese braids

They are very similar to a rope, so they can also be called rope twists.

It consists of twisting hair extensions that are wrapping natural hair around themselves.

Ghana braids

Ghana Braids are very similar pattern to the pulled-back braids that we mentioned earlier. But instead of being braids in organized rows, they increase in size as they are woven to become wider at the end of the braiding and as a product of the hair addition.

Ombre braid

African Braids at Touched by angel salon, atlanta

This style has become a trend in extensions of soft colors and consists of a 6-strand braid, thicker than the three we are used to. But where the result will undoubtedly make you fall in love.

It is used on long hair, and a single braid is usually worn in the lower part of the hair, leaving the upper part well combed.

This style used to be worn by Emilia Clark while playing Daenerys on Game of Thrones.

Glued Braids

These are braids that hold very firmly to the scalp, giving rise to lines and different shapes on it.

As in other hairstyles and styles, you have a variety of options to choose from:

Side braids

Beyonce put them on trend in the wake of her Lemonade album in 2016.

They are braids woven neatly towards the side of your head, or towards the crown and not back as usual.

They can be woven in their entirety or suspended at the crown to let the hair hang down to one side of the head.

This style can be worn in any thickness and length of hair or be accompanied by accessories to further individualize the look.

Tribal braids

African Braids at Touched by angel salon, atlanta

Tribal braids is a very striking hairstyle for which different braiding techniques are combined, alternating the thickness between them to draw patterns on the scalp.

The result is a kind of crown around the entire scalp, with different thicknesses and types of braiding.

Ponytail with African braids

It is the simplest way to wear braids and it looks especially good for women who want to give the appearance of a longer face. For this you have to lift everything at the back of the hair and tie it with the help of elastic.

Depending on the outfit, this hairstyle can look very casual (like for the gym) or very elegant (for a work meeting).

Butterfly braids

If you want to attract attention with your hair up, this style is for you.

The stylist will create a design of several thin root French braids or of various sizes from the forehead. And then join them all into a single thick braid that will be held down to the nape of the neck.

Jumbo Box

Jumbo Box are quite thick braids. They are ideal for girls with thick hair, or those who agree to complement their hairstyle with extensions.

They tend to highlight features, so if you have big eyes or lips, this style will be right for you.

Begin the hairstyle with a thick root braid, and at the nape of the neck, pull it to the side for a more striking and playful finishing touch.

Braided updo

The result will be a striking vintage hairstyle, the technique used is the serpentine French braid. A braid is woven trying to cover the entire head with it.

Instead of making a single central line, one or two braids are styled. Updo are woven and twisted in a zigzag pattern over the scalp to give a different finish.

African Mohawk Braids

You will certainly turn heads with this hairstyle.

It is a punk style that consists of wearing a fairly thick Dutch braid in the center of the head starting from the nape of the neck. Folding it over itself when it reaches the forehead to continue weaving backwards.

In this style, the sides are woven separately in the usual way from the top of the ears to the nape.

African root braids

It is a very comfortable and resistant design that is suitable for going to the gym, for day to day, or even for an event or party.

It is a way of wearing the hair collected with one or more braids that serve as the only hairstyle, or act as a base for other braids or hairstyles:

African French Braids

It is a very feminine and classic style that can be used for all kinds of occasions. The hair is woven from the roots, but unlike others, it is left quite loose to give a casual and wild finish.

It is usually worn with loose strands that frame the face like bangs. French Braid is adapted with either two braids on the sides of the head, or a thick braid at the center.

The best French braids explained step by step

Dutch braid

It is also known as a boxer braid.

This is characterized by not being flat, but protruding from the scalp. It provides a lot of volume, it looks great on women with abundant hair or extensions.

Currently it is usually worn in the style of Khloe Kardashian and Katie Perry. With two braids on the sides of the head from the forehead to the ends, and regardless of the length of the hair.

It looks both in short ombré hair and in very long lengths.

Fish tail Braids

This braid is very eye-catching and easy to make. You must look for very thin sections of hair to achieve the effect. And keep it taut from the root to maintain the texture.

This style begins at the crown of the head, and a braiding that starts from the separation of the hair two sections. And from there begin to intertwine small parts from one end to the other of both sections.

Braided buns

It is a fun variation of any of the aforementioned root braids. Braided buns consists of weaving two fixed braids at the root of the hair, but starting at the nape, to go up to the crown. Point from which the hair is held in two ponytails, to proceed to weave them. Then roll or twist them into two buns that will be held with a transparent elastic.

Tree braids

They were very popular in the 90s and we are currently flirting with this style again.

It consists of making micro braids by weaving them over the scalp for one or two inches. To proceed to leave the hair free and ready to let loose or wear in a ponytail.

It is a hairstyle that gives a lot of volume, and provides lift to the crown. It is appropriate for women with natural frizzy hair, and it allows them to braid a part of their hair to show their naturalness in the rest of their hair.

African braids for blonde girls

It is already proven that this style of braids can be used by all types of people, of any race, age or gender.

The number of blondes that adapt these hairstyles to their tastes and needs is increasing. The trend has spread to the point that there are extensions in this color to be used by girls whose natural hair color is darker. Hence we see brunette or brunette women standing out with braids in this tone, with which they also look beautiful.

There are braids that stand out in blonde tones, even more. If they have highlights or highlights, and here are two of those, so that, if this is the color of your hair, you can show them off:

Cascade braids

African Braids at Touched by angel salon, atlanta

It is a very feminine style that is completely out of the African pattern. We are used to and that provides a bohemian and casual style.

Cascade braid is practically a modification of the French braid. It begins to be woven on the sides, braiding the hair from behind until they are joined at the back of the head.

Most of the hair is then left loose.

This will give a cascading appearance, which will look especially good with wavy hair.

Braided crown

It is usually worn for special occasions such as graduations or baptisms. It is easier to work on hair that has texture or porosity, so that it will hold its shape for longer.

Just make a Dutch or French braid on each side of the hair. And then lift them to fasten them to the opposite side with crochet support.

If you leave a fringe to frame the face, it will give the ideal wild touch for a daytime event.

African braids for girls

It is African fashion, girls are not far behind. It is that the practicality of this style stands out in that the hairstyle can be kept intact for days. Regardless of whether they jump or play outdoors. With a single braid, we can keep them combed for days.

Side French

Start from her front by making a root braid with the technique below. But instead of weaving it through the center of the crown, do it on the side of her head.

African micro braids

African Braids at Touched by angel salon, atlanta
African Braids at Touched by angel salon, atlanta

For curly hair, they are the braids that best suit. And taking advantage of the fact that they are girls, you can make cute designs by weaving them on their scalp to give beautiful shapes.

Lemonade Braids

With braid you do not necessarily have to collect your little girl’s hair in its entirety. You can rely on designs such as the side braids, weaving four or five braids on one of its sides. To let the hair fall loose to the other side.

Colored African braids

The colors are made to play. To develop creativity and in the hair they are an ingenious way to express you.

By applying color you can lighten or give seriousness to a look.

For this, extensions are used that will be in charge of giving that desired touch, without the need to apply dyes.

Blue African braids

African Braids at Touched by angel salon, atlanta

This is a vibrant and lively color that denotes personality, and that is more worn every day.

Although there are all kinds of tones. Royal blue is common to accompany a complete braiding from the roots, and more blue tones for the ends, to create a kind of gradient.

If your base tone is black and you don’t dare to go for such a vibrant tone. Go for a navy blue, and you will have a striking but elegant result.

Pink braids

In 2019, fantasy began to be a trend in hair, to the point that we can see it in all ranges, from soft pink that nuances blondes with delicate reflections, to strong magenta that fills them with color.

African braids are not left out, they allow you to play with their tones when making beautiful braids.

Blondes are the ones that wear light tones the most, but brunettes look very good, remember when Shakira took them for her barefoot album.

Purple braids

Unicorn fashion goes all the way to braids, and as inspiration, purple braids are often used to add a glamorous touch to the look.

We only recommend looking for the shade of purple that best suits the skin tone and natural hair, a brunette with dark hair highlights a grape color very well, and perhaps a blonde stands out with a lilac.

Ombré braids

This style is in vogue, it consists of weaving extensions of light colors in the middle to the ends.

This style of braids looks especially in white or platinum tones, and they suit any color and style.

Two tone braids

In brunette girls who want to create contrast, adding blonde locks will give an additional bonus to the showiness of their braids.

The color that is usually worn the most to combine is gold, and it usually looks great also with pink, dark blue, and even stands out over black or brown, adding elegance to the style.

Gradient braids

Go ahead with the color of your preference and ask your stylist to fade them from medium to ends.

It is usually worn with orange, aquamarine or pink and they will provide a unique look so that your hair is the center of all eyes.

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