meticulous guide for your first sew-in

A meticulous guide for your first sew-in

Ladies, If a genie comes to you and asks for your top 3 wishes. What would you say? What will you wish for, huh? A perfect boyfriend or girlfriend? A million dollars in the bank account? The ability to eat whatever you want without getting fat? Let me ask you in the Lucerifer style, “What is it that you desire the most?” May be the sew-in.

I do not know about you, but a particular genie comes to me and claims to fulfill my top 3 demands. I would ask for thicker, stronger, more volumed hair apart from, of course, a billion-dollar and a special meet and greet with Halsey.

It is no secret that my love for Halsey’s voice has been increasing with time, but what I adore about her is the no-nonsense style vibes she gives. Her hair they have me drooling ever since I saw them. Later, I came to know that those weren’t her real hair. Instead, those were some substantial extensions. 

That was the exact moment that I decided that I am going to buy hair extensions for myself. And then started my research. Lord knows how complicated this world of hair extensions was with all its nuances. There were so many options. It took me almost a year to finally gather the courage to get these hair extensions for me.

Well, if you are in the same boat, then do not worry because I would not let you wait for a full year before you go and get these extensions. This article has it all; you won’t be needing any more research. 

So, let’s start with this guide for sew-ins.

What is the best hair for sew-in?

best hair for sew-ins

I know that there are a lot of options in the market right now regarding the hair type. Some people might suggest you go for synthetic hair for whatever reasons. But trust me when I say this, that no matter how well prepared they are, they will never look as natural as the original human hair. 

I can already sense the next question that you are going to ask. Human hair also has varieties, so what should we go for. Well, the answer is to go for the one and only Remy human hair. They are the best hair for sew-in. You will not need any extra precautions to take care of these babies. So you can use your everyday shampoo and conditioner for these as well. 

What is the perfect length for sew-ins?

perfect length for sew-ins

Usually, the hair weave length ranges from 16 to 28 inches. You have to select the perfect length which suits your natural hair. If you require increasing the volume only, then a 12 – 14 inches weave is ideal. Also, the bundles of weaves matter a lot. Are you thinking about how many bundles will give massive volume to your hairs? Well, there is no hard and fast rule for this. You can have as many sew-ins as you want. As far as the length is concerned, you can take help from this guide:

  • For fine hairs: 16 – 18 inches length is perfect.
  • For denser hair: 16 – 14 inches length is perfect.

Again, I would like to remind you that if you apply sew-ins weaves, then there is no specific length and rules. You can get thicker and denser hair as per your demand. We have an extensive guide on weaves which you can review further to take proper decision about weave length.

Is it essential to consider texture? 

The natural look depends upon, texture baby. How can you ignore the texture? Weaves come in a couple of hair textures to choose between. You can choose silky straight, relaxed straight, thick curly, wavy, and many more. Also, the Remy hair extension comes with glamorous colors that grab attention.


The Brazilian has a wide range of textures and also available in custom colors. If you desire a custom color, then Brazillian is the best alternative. Brazilian comes in the market after 3 – 4 dyes that maintain its integrity. Whether you require permanent sew-ins or partial sew-ins, Brazilian will be an absolute choice. Closure sew-ins are an ideal choice for natural hair growth. All the trendy and stylish women choose sew-ins as these are best.


Do you want to get extra blonde hair weaves? Oh yes, your desire will be fulfilled by Remy’s hair weaves. Remy’s hair comes with a light color and texture that is in demand by office ladies. If you are fed up with straight hairs, slightly wet them and get a wavy texture. Also, you can use a curler and straightener to change the texture according to your psyche.

Should you get straight or deep wave sew-in?

straight or deep wave sew-in

Do not be overwhelmed between straight and deep wave sew-in. Let me clarify one thing first, no matter which one you go for, it will look stunning. With that out of the way, if you have straight hair, then select straight; otherwise, deep wave sew-ins will look chic with your hair. I chose deep wave sew-ins because my hair isn’t straight, nor are they fully curly. 

Deep wave sew-ins are the number one selling hair extension in the market. What makes the deep wave sew in perfect?

  • You can straight them quite easily.
  • Spray them and go to the party.
  • No need to comb regularly and make a style.
  • Get an admiring look at a poolside selfie.
  • Easy maintenance.

Honestly speaking, I can add much more innovative styling to deep wave sew-in, but I will leave it for now. Do not panic, if you are not a professional stylist, that’s ok. You can still make flawless styles with a deep wave wig.

Deep waves give a sexy appealing look that every woman wants. These waves will last for one year with minute care. Also, you can wear these deep-waves for two months regularly. Yeah for two consecutive months! Be ready to wear these deep waves in the escalating temperature of the beach.


If you are thinking of getting sew-in, then the best course of action would be to just go for them. The more time you spend thinking the more confused you will get. If you are not ready for a long-term commitment yet, then you can try clip-on first and if you like the look then you can upgrade to sew-ins. 

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